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Gratitude is central to our legal practice. Without our clients, we are nothing as attorneys and advocates. In immigration cases, we often interact with clients who are dealing with life-threatening circumstances or have been placed in a precarious position by so called “notarios” or immigration consultants that are not licensed or accredited to practice federal immigration law.

The following review demonstrates that having a competent immigration attorney matters. 

English Translation (Switch to our Spanish version to read the original text):

I met Attorney Carolina Curbelo at a very difficult moment in my life. Thanks to the recommendation of an old client of hers who was very satisfied with her work.

They [immigration] had denied my application for legal permanent residence due to documentary deficiencies, which should have been submitted to USCIS. However, I used used the services of a notary, whom everyone called a “lawyer.”

With the help of Attorney Curbelo, who is a very efficient, serious, professional and competent person, I appealed my immigration case and submitted the necessary documents. Fortunately, I obtained my legal permanent residence and I can now live happily and peacefully in this country.

I am very grateful to her [Attorney Curbelo] and I intend to continue using her legal advice for family reunification.