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The NJ real estate law firm of Curbelo Law and our attorney Carolina provide a wide range of legal services to buyers and sellers of real estate in the state.

Our team of professionals prides itself on fast, thorough and attentive services for all types of real estate matters in Garden State.

If you need real estate legal assistance, you can contact us by phone, email, or by scheduling an appointment at our Ridgewood office.



The Best Real Estate Attorney In NJ

Curbelo Law’s team of professionals understands how complex it can be to buy or sell a property in addition to the multiple procedures involved. Therefore, the firm is dedicated to providing the most efficient legal services to each and every one of its clients. In addition, we are a bilingual law firm so you can speak with us in both English and Spanish.

Our Real Estate Services

What Do We Offer At Curbelo Law?

The firm has helped hundreds of individuals and/or businesses regardless of size, as no case is too big or too small for us. We are here to support individuals in different procedures:

  • Drafting and review of each contract of sale, lease and transfer of real estate.
  • Title search and title insurance.
  • Legal help in financing and refinancing.
  • Advice for the closing of mortgages. 
  • Other real estate legal matters.

It is very important that you never sign a real estate purchase or sale agreement without first consulting with a specialist real estate attorney. Be aware that other individuals may discourage you from contacting an attorney. 

For example, real estate agents may insist that you sign the contract immediately without having it reviewed by an attorney. If so, do not do it, talk to our NJ real estate attorney to determine if everything is in perfect order.

Carolina Helps You Achieve Another American Dream, Real Estate

attorney carolina t. curbelo

Carolina Curbelo has extensive experience representing clients in residential and commercial real estate transactions. She is also well versed in the buying and selling process, from signing the initial contract to the closing. 

Our fully bilingual English and Spanish support staff work under the supervision of Attorney Curbelo.

How Much Does A Real Estate Attorney In NJ Cost?

The cost of a New Jersey real estate attorney depends on the type of property, its geographic location, the quality of service, and the complexity of the case. 

Typically, the fixed legal fees for a New Jersey real estate attorney are:

  • $1,800 for single family homes.
  • $2,500 for multi-family residences.

Please note the following about fees:

  • Fixed rates are usually more common than hourly rates. However, they can be filed, as it all depends on the lawyer and the case.
  • Attorneys can negotiate price or credit reductions due to unforeseen defects in the property.
  • Hiring an attorney can save time and energy when drafting contracts, forms, annexes, or researching local, state, and federal laws.

Do I Need A Real Estate Attorney In NJ?

The law does not enforce an attorney for the purchase or sale of property in New Jersey. However, it is more than recommended as the process can be complex. There are legal decisions that only a real estate attorney can make effectively.

Having a real estate attorney by your side can provide the individual with comprehensive legal advice regarding these issues. In addition, an attorney can protect all parties involved, negotiate the process, and help with litigation and complex matters.

Among the most common procedures that a lawyer can carry out for a buyer or seller in a real estate transaction we find the following:

  • Review the contract.
  • Negotiate inspection.
  • Examine financial documents.
  • Oversee title documentation.
  • Prepare documents for transfer.
  • Authorize the making of the best decisions for the tenant.
  • Attend the closing day and review all documents before signing.

Why Is It Important To Have A Real Estate Attorney?

Real estate transactions are complex and involve many parties and processes. Examples include real estate agents, homeowners associations (HOAs), and the attorneys themselves. 

  • Having legal representation in real estate transactions is essential to protect rights during said transfer.
  • In addition, the representation of a lawyer is important since they determine exactly what must be carried out for a legal, fair and effective process. 

The team at Curbelo Law has the experience and resources to make sure your dreams of being a brand new homeowner are fulfilled.

What Exactly Does A Real Estate Attorney Do?

Real estate attorneys primarily specialize in property-related matters. These matters include the purchase and sale of property, the performance of obligations, title issues, and disputes that may arise.

real estate attorney in ridgewood new jersey

That said, a real estate attorney does the following:

  • Confirm that ownership is properly vested in the seller of the property.
  • Identify liens, litigation, unpaid loans, or other claims against the property and assist the client in settling them.
  • Discover writing conventions and restrictions and any breaks in the well-known “chain of title”.
  • Arrange title insurance.
  • Negotiate and review real estate contracts to determine how money will be allocated.
  • Prepare a settlement statement evidencing the buyer’s funds and the charges of the parties involved. This includes attorney fees, taxes, title search fees, and other elements.
  • Facilitate the closure in terms of the documents to be signed.
  • Confirm that both parties have fulfilled all their obligations regarding the contract and be able to help in case of litigation. 

Similarly, a NJ real estate attorney can provide valuable advice to buyers and sellers to help them engage in a successful transaction.

Can The Buyer Back Out After Attorney Review in New Jersey?

New Jersey requires the attorney review clause. While buyers or sellers may not consult an attorney, they cannot waive the provision clause.

Both buyers and sellers can cancel their contract for any reason during the attorney’s review.

Why Choose The New Jersey Real Estate Law Firm Of Curbelo Law?

The New Jersey real estate attorney at Curbelo Law has helped hundreds of individuals with their real estate transactions for over 10 years. 

The Curbelo Law team has the knowledge, experience, and ability to help make the best possible decisions for a seamless transfer.

Our attorney Carolina will be able to represent the buyer or the seller in the most complex purchase-sale processes in an exceptional way. Contact us today to have us examine your real estate scenario.