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Individuals renting, buying or selling residential property in the Garden State requieres the assitance of the best residential real estate attorney in NJ.

Our NJ real estate attorney has more than 10 years helping buyers and sellers of condominiums and homes throughout the state. Therefore, you will be with the best experts in these matters from the beginning until the closing day.



The Best Residential Real Estate Attorney In NJ

Although individuals are not required by law to have an attorney, having the help of an experienced NJ residential real estate attorney brings many advantages. This is because selling a house in New Jersey is a complex process.

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Whether you’re buying a property for the first time or looking for first-time homebuyer programs in NJ, our subject matter experts will be able to advise you.

Legal Services Offered By Our NJ Residential Real Estate Law Firm

In addition to all of this, our professional is also a well-known New Jersey commercial real estate attorney. Therefore, she will not only help individuals with their residential properties, but also commercial ones. 

Real Estate Matters Where Our NJ Residential Real Estate Attorney Can Help

Some of the most common residential real estate matters that our specialist handles include the following:

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Our attorney Carolina T. Curbelo has extensive experience in everything related to leasing. With a landorld-tenant lawyer we can represent you in their property purchases in the state.

  • At Curbelo Law, we represent owners and tenants of office, industrial, commercial, and residential properties. 
  • The job of the professionals at this firm is to meticulously examine potential risks in lease agreements and warranty documents.
  • The firm handles all major aspects of commercial and residential leasing in the Garden State. This includes greening traditional leases.

If you want to know about becoming a landlord in New Jersey, we have a publication focused on covering everything you need to do.

Real Estate Financing

Attorney Carolina has spent years advising New Jersey individuals regarding local and regional lenders. Therefore, thanks to our lawyer, you can understand what are the best types of mortgage loans in the United States .

  • This represents a great opportunity for those individuals who are experiencing difficulties in their real estate affairs. For example, they are experiencing a foreclosure.
  • As a NJ foreclosure lawyer who has represented a wide variety of institutions in the state she is ready to serve you.
  • Our group of professionals also represents owners and investors in obtaining real estate financing. This may include financing for construction and environmental projects. 

More Information Regarding Real Estate Financing

On our blog, we have a wide variety of posts focused on home loans in New Jersey. For example:

You can use all of these articles to fully understand the situation you are in and to communicate with our firm.

Initiatives For Efficient Energy

At Curbelo Law our team of professionals has advised hundreds of clients involved in all kinds of projects related to solar energy. Therefore, we offer help with transactional problems presented to the:

  • Planning.
  • Building.
  • Financing.
  • Solar equipment installation operation. 

This representation involves the drafting and negotiation of contracts and leases to protect the interests of clients. The firm also has technical training to guide clients through the CHP/CHP development process .

Acquisitions And Sales

The firm offers comprehensive representation to its clients when selling a home or seeking help on how to buy a house in NJ. Throughout all the years of service, Curbelo Law has advised buyers and sellers on this matter.

This experience involves:

  • Property titles.
  • Contracts and real estate agreements.
  • Eeasements.
  • Distressed real estate transactions.
  • Wholesales.
  • Redevelopment of blighted properties.
  • Real estate problems in corporate transactions.

Have you ever heard of doing a property title search in NJ? Check our respective blog to learn more about this topic. 

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Environmental Risks

Curbelo Law advises its clients on contractual assignments regarding environmental risk in all their transactions. This includes contracts of sale or lease. 

Our group uses effective solutions that allow you to complete all types of real estate transactions. In addition, there is a specialized approach with the use of environmental insurance policies.

In addition to possible environmental risks, it is also important to have good policies to prevent possible disasters. Like, for example, the insurance against floods in New Jersey or the certificate and requirements for smoke detectors in NJ.

Commercial Property Tax Appeals

The firm also offers legal representation to commercial al property owners seeking to significantly reduce their property tax assessment. Services in this area include:

  • Consultations on tax liability.
  • Analysis for the feasibility of appealing.
  • Filing appeals with the New Jersey Tax Court or the County Board of Taxation.
  • Representation in conciliation conferences and in possible litigation before a Tax Court in the state.

At Curbelo Law, you can find an experienced New Jersey real estate litigation attorney willing to represent her clients in court. 

How Much Does A NJ Residential Real Estate Lawyer Cost?

The cost of NJ residential real estate lawyers depends on many factors and a specific figure cannot be given without understanding the legal needs of the client.

To find out the fees that our lawyer’s services have, contact us to provide you with this information.

What Does A NJ Residential Real Estate Lawyer Do?

A residential real estate attorney is responsible for providing advice on all contract drafting, property issues, titles, and closing procedures. All this in relation to residential properties.

Having a lawyer is essential to guarantee a fair transaction, limit the possible problems encountered and comply with all legal requirements.

Why you Need The advice Of a NJ Residential Real Estate attorney?

The real estate market often offers great opportunities as well as unprecedented great risks. Therefore, it is essential to have reliable and solid information before buying or selling a home in New Jersey.

  • Attorney Carolina Curbelo can help prevent costly mistakes when buying and selling property. 
  • Additionally, if you are behind on a mortgage or facing foreclosure, we can help in these scenarios as well. 
  • For more on this, our experts have given information on how to purchase a foreclosed home in NJ .
  • The attorney can also evaluate her clients’ options and help them make a successful decision.
  • Once a decision has been made, Carolina will stand by her clients to guide them through the legal process.

The firm seeks that its clients are comfortable when carrying out these processes. As a result, each scenario is different, which is why they need personalized attention.

To do this, call us today, send us an E-mail, or schedule an appointment in advance with the office, located in Ridgewood, New Jersey. Our professionals will be able to help you with your case.