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Relying on the help of a reputable NJ commercial real estate attorney allows individuals to obtain trusted legal advice. In this way, you can deal with all kinds of commercial real estate procedures in the state.

The NJ real estate attorney at Curbelo Law is an expert in everything related to corporate, regulatory, and transactional paperwork in the Garden State. Our clients fully trust us, so they do not hesitate to call us.



Experienced attorney specialized in Commercial Real Estate matters

Curbelo Law’s team of professionals works with clients to document, plan, and help understand the financing of real estate transactions. As a result, they minimize risks and maximize financial benefits for their clients.

  • In addition, the firm has extensive knowledge of zoning and land use. Therefore, our professional is also an experienced land use attorney in New Jersey.
  • Our attorney Carolina T. Curbelo represents a wide variety of residential real estate developers in matters with the Affordable Housing Council.
  • She also represents her clients in lawsuits for “builders’ remedies” to allow affordable home construction in the state.
  • The experts at Curbelo Law advise their clients in retail, industrial and office lease negotiations. They also offer help in connection with commercial real estate sales.
  • The latter includes tax-deferred exchanges pursuant to 26 US Code § 1031.
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Additionally, our New Jersey commercial real estate attorney is also a renowned NJ real estate litigation attorney. Therefore, they represent their clients in any type of litigation related to real estate.

Legal Services Provided At Our New Jersey Commercial Real Estate Law Firm

  • Contract negotiations.
  • Redevelopment and urban renewal.
  • Land use planning.
  • Litigation
  • Condominium documentation.
  • Records of the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs.
  • Easements and restrictions.
  • Condominium records.
  • Drafting of leases.
  • Environmental regulation.
  • Financing operations.
  • Disputes between landlords and tenants. As a result, we also have a Landlord tenant lawyer in NJ available.
  • Real state development.
  • Commercial lease.
  • Tax-deferred real estate exchanges under Section 1031.
  • Representation before regulatory agencies and municipal zoning boards.
  • Obtaining necessary permits and approvals.

Our professional practice includes collaboration with experts in real estate planning, New Jersey home appraisal and land use. 

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Real Estate Projects Where Our NJ Commercial Real Estate Attorney can Help

In addition to the services listed above, our attorney also assists her clients with a wide range of commercial projects in the state. This includes:

  • Warehouses.
  • Industrial uses.
  • Religious uses.
  • Hospitality and hotels.
  • Development of shopping centers and retail.
  • Apartments.
  • Offices and condominiums.
  • Housing with age restriction.
  • Brewery and liquor stores.
  • Mixed-use developments.
  • Residential and subdivision developments.
  • Establishments for medical uses.
  • Cellars.
  • Condos and townhomes.
  • Schools.
  • Day care centers.

The firm has a wide variety of experience in various real estate matters in the Garden State. For example, if you want to see what type of property is best for you, we have an article focused on townhouses vs. single-family homes. You may also want to discover the different types of houses in New Jersey.

Clients Our Attorney Helps

The varied and broad clientele of our NJ commercial real estate attorney includes the following:

  • Environmental consultants.
  • Architects.
  • Engineers.
  • Hotel owners.
  • Owners and tenants.
  • Title companies.
  • Property managers.
  • Insurance companies.
  • Builders.
  • Banks.
  • Lenders.
  • Construction managers.
  • Developers.
  • Contractors.
  • Community and condominium associations.
  • Regulatory agencies.
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Common Issues Our New Jersey Commercial Real Estate Law Firm Handles

Some common commercial real estate issues that our NJ attorney handles includes:

Tax Issues

Attorney Curbelo has significant experience in advising and representing buyers and sellers of commercial properties. This means that any type of risk in relation to taxes will be minimized.

The attorney helps her clients plan and minimize their federal and New Jersey tax burdens. She also handles tax appeals on any issues filed. For example, an incorrect appraisal.

That’s because she is an experienced NJ property tax appeal lawyer too.

Association Problems

Often, commercial real estate owners and buyers form a business entity. As a result, our firm helps these owners develop their LLCs, partnerships, and corporations so that their rights are protected.

Title Issues

Title to the property in real estate is an important aspect of any business transaction, as buyers must receive “clear title” to the property. Because of this, buyers should not receive any claim to ownership other than the seller.

  • At this point, all potential claims that could negatively affect the property should be uncovered.
  • This should be all of the seller’s mortgages and liens. If found, they must be canceled at or before closing time. 
  • Often, most sellers don’t even know that there are liens or other types of claims against the property.
  • Also, a clean title is important because without it, you cannot get title insurance in New Jersey.
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Do you have problems regarding the title? On our blog you can find information regarding property deeds in New Jersey. Without it, there can be no title.


One of the most complex aspects of commercial real estate matters is the financing of transactions. This is because it is critical to understand payment terms, interest, and terms related to security and collateral.

In addition to a mortgage on the property, most lenders seek personal guarantees from individual homeowners. 

Our attorney has enough experience to negotiate with lenders regarding all types of mortgage loans in the United States. In addition, she can guide you on things to avoid when applying for a mortgage.

Similarly, on our blog you can also find more information regarding the requirements to apply for a mortgage in New Jersey. You can refer to this article or contact our firm.

Real Estate Litigation

Our attorney Carolina has years of experience successfully representing her clients in all types of real estate litigation. As a result, she has represented sellers, buyers, landlords, tenants, and homeowners in these settings.


Often, a commercial property is built with the intention that it be used by the buyer or for development and later sold. Whatever your situation, this involves construction.

Our lawyer also has experience in these matters, helping real estate developers and buyers in their dealings with:

  1. Contractors.
  2. Subcontractors, and
  3. Construction professionals (engineers or architects).

In these scenarios, the lawyer is in charge of drafting contracts, making arbitration or litigation, in case disputes arise with professionals or contractors.

Leasing cases

In some scenarios, rental problems are related to commercial real estate transactions. For example, there may be tenants who have to be removed from the place.

  • Attorney Curbelo has represented landlords and tenants in all these matters for years. 
  • Therefore, he drafts and negotiates lease agreements, where he represents landlords and tenants in lease disputes. 
  • The latter can be from the lack of payment of the tenant, to the eviction of the property. The attorney can represent her clients in all New Jersey courts.

Review our section on becoming a landlord in New Jersey to learn more about this topic.

Contact Our New Jersey Commercial Real Estate Lawyers

As you have seen, the New Jersey commercial real estate law firm of Curbelo Law has extensive experience in many real estate and negotiation issues.

  • Therefore, if you are going to navigate through these issues, you should not hesitate to contact this firm. Our professional represents her clients in financial difficulties, litigation and negotiations in the state.
  • Likewise, it works with the main environmental consultants to advise and assist landowners, lenders and regulated industries. This means that their clients will be within the environmental regulatory framework of the state.
  • The firm maintains a select team of professionals who address issues affecting home transfers. For example, compliance with the Industrial Sites Reclamation Act (ISRA), groundwater remediation, etc. 

Call us today to discuss the facts surrounding your case. You can contact us by phone, through an E-mail or by previously scheduling an appointment with the office. The office is located in Ridgewood, New Jersey.