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In light of the ongoing security situation in Israel, travel and mobility have been impacted and some consular office closures are in effect. Government agencies and consular posts that issue visas and work permits are experiencing delays in processing applications.

The security measures taken in Israel are expected to be protracted and regular services are likely to be disrupted unexpectedly. Travelers should consult with their local government, and airlines/travel agencies for the most up-to-date information on travel to Israel.  

Air Travel

Most major airlines have suspended service to and from Israel for now, but others, such as El Al, JetBlue and Emirates continue to operate. However, flights are subject to delays and cancellation. For the most updated information check the Departures Information Page for Ben Gurion Airport

If you are considering travel to the region, stay up to date on the most current travel advice from your national government, such as the US Department of State

Land Borders

Land crossings are open for those seeking to depart, but the situation may change at any time and with little notice. Always check with local authorities, on both sides of the border, for the most recent updates. 



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Emergency Departure Out of Israel

Effective October 19, 2023, Israel is part of the visa waiver program, and eligible Israeli nationals may travel visa free to the USA if their application is approved. To apply online, click here.  

If traveling by air, prioritize destinations into which entry visas for tourism or business are not normally required. Countries vary in visa requirements for Israelis, Lebanese, Palestinian Authority issued passport holders, Jordanians, and Egyptian nationals.  

Some countries have arranged repatriation flights for their citizens. Contact your home country’s consular post for guidance. 

Israeli dual citizens, who hold both a foreign passport and an expired Israeli passport, will be allowed to leave, on a one-time basis, using their foreign passport, until December 31, 2023 according to the Population and Immigration Authority of Israel.  Click here for updates  

Israel has indicated that all visa holders (including work visas) in Israel, with an expiration date prior to November 9, 2023 will automatically have it adjusted to at least November 9, 2023.

Practical Steps for Foreign Nationals in Israel 

  • Register with your national embassy/consulate.
  • All biographical and travel documents such as passports, birth certificates, marriage certificates, etc. should be current and readily available.
  • Regularly check travel regulations and restrictions at the official website of the Israeli government The page is available in English, Hebrew, Arabic, French, Russian and Spanish.

Ongoing Work/Visa Permit Applications in Israel 

Delays in processing visas and work permit applications are likely due to closures and staff shortages, both in Israel, and at Israeli consular posts worldwide. 

Online Resources

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Israeli Government Portal (English)

Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Israel Population and Immigration Authority

U.S. Office of Palestinian Affairs (English and Arabic)

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