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Immigration Attorney Carolina Curbelo, Esq., has been a valuable asset to Northeast New Jersey Legal Services’ Private Attorney Involvement (PAI) program since 2015. As the daughter of Cuban refugees, Ms. Curbelo firmly believes in helping immigrants achieve their American dream. Throughout her time at NNJLS, she has demonstrated exemplary dedication and expertise on a wide variety of immigration matters. Since she started volunteering for NNJLS, she has handled over ten immigration cases.

In addition to providing direct client representation, Ms. Curbelo supervises Naturalization Clinics for NNJLS. She has supervised a number of these clinics and provided in-depth assistance to attendees. She has also leveraged volunteers throughout her service, training many volunteers to assist with naturalization clinics. Ms. Curbelo also conducts regular “Know Your Rights” sessions for NNJLS’ community partners on topics related to immigration law.

carolina curbelo award

In addition to her direct service to NNJLS’ clients, Ms. Curbelo has been a champion of NNJLS’ PAI program. She has conducted CLE trainings on immigration for pro bono attorneys and trains law students and other legal professionals on immigration legal issues. She also regularly mentors new attorneys on immigration matters, allowing NNJLS to serve more clients.

Importantly, she promotes NNJLS’ PAI program among her peers and other professional associations, such as the American Immigration Lawyers Association NJ. Through her efforts, additional attorneys have committed to volunteering with NNJLS, expanding the overall capacity of NNJLS’ PAI program.