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The concept of “shared investments” encompasses the entire Hispanic community in the United States regardless of their immigration status. It is a design, which includes the common acquisition of assets of a family nucleus. The goal is the financial stability and social insertion of this demographic group.

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Undertaking Is The Beginning Of The Path For Shared Investments

Entrepreneurship originated by a business idea is one of the essential factors, but not indispensable, to create joint capital. It is essential to broaden the approach towards social insertion by the beneficiaries; the desire for progress, and the will are determining features in this process.

As far as investment and finances are concerned: faithful commitment, and planning within the family nucleus is the strategy to follow to develop a defined life plan in the United States.

A solid estate is the trigger for social insertion. An estate refers to the set of assets that a person owns. From recognizing a strategic place to live, going through the process of forming a home, in order to begin to gain access to services that the government offers. This is the path that stabilizes the development of a life plan.

The Influence Of The Hispanic Community In The United States

Population, Latino Workforce, and Unemployment Rate
Source: 2020 HWP survey

The table above indicates that the Hispanic community is the largest workforce, which makes them an essential part of the US economy:

“Earnings in income and family wealth of Latinos have reached a purchasing power of $ 1.7 and a GDP of 2.3 trillion dollars compared to North Americans,”

Study conducted by the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals ( NAHREP )

This indicates that Latinos over time have invested in the country favoring the economy and inserting themselves more and more into the American culture. The country increasingly depends on this economic contribution to give movement to the economy; and at the same time, it is a means of escape for people who suffer violence in their country of origin.

2020 was a difficult year for everyone due to the pandemic. Despite this, Hispanics had savings that allowed them to cushion the economic crisis. This allowed the community to continue advancing in terms of growth and social evolution. This resulted in the resolution of the projects and dreams of the migrant community.

Family Support

shared investments in a latino family

44% of Latinos in the survey reported that the extra money they generate is to help a member in need.

It is important to recognize that financial decisions are made together. First, because they tend to live in multigenerational homes, and second, because they tend to think more about supporting each other.

In the design of a life plan, the stable support of the family and the active participation of all members is essential. The intention is to seed a culture of success in the minds of Hispanic American society.

latino financial support to parents

As the CEO of Curbelo Law explains:

“The key for Hispanic and immigrant communities is acquiring wealth through real estate, specifically multi-family homes.”

Attorney Carolina T. Curbelo

She also comments that for Hispanics to achieve goals that were not possible in their country of origin, education and legalization of the status of all immigrants is essential for their resolution.

A Future Of Shared Investments

For this 2021 and the next 5 years, the progressive vision is extended due to the representation of the Latino community when it comes to inserting itself into a new society. In this process, the family is the largest support base of the Latino community.

As an achievement for this 2021 is the approach that allows to make visible an economy that evolves towards a goal where saving or survival are not the only mechanisms for social insertion, nor economic growth. Shared investments are the strategy that the migrant community has to reinforce their life plans focused on fulfilling the American dream.