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So, what really happens if I lost my US citizenship certificate? In this blog we clear the concerns about this scenario.

Losing your US naturalization certificate can be a really stressful scenario. However, there is nothing to worry about. Our immigration lawyers in New Jersey are experts in all types of immigration procedures.

What Can I Do If I Lost My Certificate Of American Citizenship?

If the certificate of American citizenship is lost, the citizen must file with USCIS Form N-565, Application for replacement of naturalization/citizenship document to request the replacement of their certificate.

To file this form with USCIS there are two options:

  1. File it online through MyUSCIS , or;
  2. Send it by post.

Submission of this form is only available to those individuals who have obtained US citizenship.

It is important not to forget to sign the form and fill in its corresponding sections, USCIS will reject any application that is incomplete.

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When Can I Apply For A Replacement Certificate Of Citizenship?

American citizens can apply for a replacement certificate of citizenship if they:

  • Changed their name due to marriage or some court order after the document was issued.
  • Received a certificate of naturalization, citizenship, declaration of intent, or repatriation that was lost, destroyed, or stolen. 
  • Obtained one that contains a typographical error made by USCIS.
  • Obtained a certificate of citizenship or naturalization and their gender change is legally recognized through a court order, medical certification, or government-issued document.
  • Are naturalized citizens seeking a special naturalization certificate for the purpose of having a foreign country recognize them as American citizens.
  • Obtained a court order or a document issued by the state where their date of birth changes after the certificate of citizenship has been issued.

USCIS will not change the name without proof. For example, a marriage certificate, a court order or a divorce decree. Nor will the date of birth on the certificate of citizenship change without a court order or a state-issued document.

How To Obtain A Copy Of My Certificate Of Naturalization?

Through form N-565, the citizen can obtain a copy of his certificate of naturalization or citizenship. If you submit this form by mail, you must do so at one of the following addresses:

  1. USCIS Phoenix Lockbox,

US Postal Service (USPS):


Attn: N-565

PO Box 20050

Phoenix, AZ 85036-0050.

  1. For deliveries via FedEx, UPS, and DHL:


Attn: N-565 (Box 20050)

1820 E. Skyharbour Circle S

Ste. 100

Phoenix, AZ 85034-4850.

The N-565 application is strictly to reissue the citizenship document when one has already been granted. Therefore, this request should not be submitted under the following circumstances:

  • American citizens who want an original certificate of citizenship. Instead, they must file Form N-600, Application for Certificate of Citizenship.
  • Green Card holders applying for US citizenship. Instead, they must file Form N-400, Application for Naturalization.
mistakes when filling out the N-400 naturalization application

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Documents Needed To Obtain A Copy Of The Certificate Of American Citizenship

The submission of the N-565 application must be accompanied by the following documentation:

  • The original document that is being requested to be replaced.
  • Evidence of any legal name change, gender change, marital status, or date of birth (if applicable).
  • Two identical passport-style color photographs.
  • A police report or affidavit showing that the certificate:
    • It got lost.
    • It was damaged, or
    • It was stolen.

All these documents must not be the original copies, unless otherwise specified. Additionally, all documents must include a full English translation, in case they are submitted in another language.

How Long Does It Take To Obtain The Certificate Of Citizenship?

After the N-600 application for Certificate of Citizenship is filed with USCIS, processing time can take approximately 9-14 months. 

Did you apply for US citizenship or permanent residence and have not received a response? Sometimes the waiting time can take longer than normal. If you’ve been waiting a long time, you may want to know what a writ of mandamus is .

What role does the certificate of American citizenship play?

The US Citizenship Certificate is a certificate that proves to US authorities that the individual is a US citizen. USCIS recommends that this document be kept in a safe place.

This certificate is proof of citizenship for an individual who was born outside of the US. In other words, the certificate does not grant citizenship, it only acknowledges and confirms the individual’s citizenship status. 

how to get us citizenship

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How Long Does It Take To Obtain A Replacement US Certificate Of Naturalization?

The processing time for a replacement US naturalization certificate usually takes approximately 5-8 months. In some cases, the waiting time can be much shorter.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A US Naturalization Certificate?

The filing fee for a replacement naturalization certificate is $555. You can pay this fee with one of the following checks: 

  • Personal,
  • Cashier’s, or
  • Bank.

If you file at a USCIS Lockbox facility, you can also pay this fee with a credit card. To do so, Form G-1450 , Credit Card Transaction Authorization, must be filed. 

What Is A Certified True Copy Of A Certificate Of Naturalization?

So, you are wondering: How do I get a certified copy if I lost my certificate of US citizenship? Sometimes you may need an actual certified copy of your naturalization certificate.

  • The US Department of State (DOS) uses the term “authentication” to describe USCIS certified true copies.
  • When USCIS is required to authenticate a certificate of naturalization, be sure to use the term “real certified copy.”

This is useful when a naturalized citizen needs to have a DOS-authenticated certificate of naturalization for use by foreign governments or embassies. To certify this copy, an appointment with USCIS must be scheduled.

You should bring the following to this appointment:

  • A perfect photocopy of the certificate of naturalization.
  • The original certificate you are seeking to certify.
  • Any form of identification, be it a passport or a driver’s license.

At the scheduled appointment, a USCIS officer will confirm your identity and US citizen status. Later, they will provide you with a certified copy of the citizenship certificate.

How Can We Help You With The Certificate Of American Citizenship?

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